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August 15th, 2017    

Problematic Kombat

Penthouse Platitudes Episode 18 with Taron absent on business Fab returns for another episode this time with Pablo and Mo. Fab brought his own soundboard as again Mo's emotional state is under scrutiny. Also, these three get ashy and problematic while discussing Bobby Valentino and his transgendered escort troubles. EZ tags in late as Pab goes home. Apologies if the reocrding was too low in the beinging. Welcome to the Penthouse.


July 31st, 2017    

Shits and Giggles

Part 1 of each member of the Glassware Gang interviewing guests without the other two members. Mo is up first interviewing his out of town friends Jayde and Ron along with Fab. Fab exposes Mo's true simp ways while Jayde and Ron join in on the fun. This was an intervention of the heart of emotions. Penthouse Platitudes Episode 17 Part 1. #Lickherbellyandjudgeitbyhergiggle


July 14th, 2017    

Wild Boys

With our special guests Cartels, EZ, and Kareem. The Penthouse Crew embark on Rob Kardashian, NBA, and Mo's onging misadventures with women. Episode 16 Penthouse Platitudes


June 10th, 2017    

Pablo’s Def on Vacation

The female enhancement debate rages on with the perspective of an outsider word to Scott and Big Kev. J Cole vs. Jay-Z? Is there a discussion to be had here? Pablo calls in from his vacation, Mo is depressed, Shake Shack is trash and Taron's friend hates women who wear make-up and weaves. Penthouse Platitudes Episode 15.


June 7th, 2017    

Real Niggas Don’t Get Their Salad Tossed

Suicidal thoughts, Gimme The Loot, Me and My Bitch, and Things Done Changed...No this isn't Ready to Die, it's the long awaited return episode of Penthouse Platitudes....Aaron Hernandez, NBA Playoffs, Melo and La La, Mo is STD Free, and Taron's Baecation. Episode 14 Penthouse Platitudes


April 4th, 2017    

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Self deprication, sexual misadventures, an amendment to the Get Out discussion, and shooting up the club abroad. This and so much more on the latest episode of Penthouse Platitudes.

Episode 13


March 22nd, 2017    

It’s A Goddamn Shame What Happened to Flip

Episode 12 Penthouse Platitudes


March 12th, 2017    


Episode 11 Penthouse Platitudes


February 9th, 2017    

Dickhead Season Vol. 1

Episode 10 Penthouse Platitudes


January 24th, 2017    


Episode 9 Penthouse Platitudes


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