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Bullshit, Fuckery, and Life

April 12th, 2018    

Another Messy Hour Of Power

Mo and Taron welcome back Chanel for another installment of messiness in which she has a question to ask. A heavy intoxicated(as always) Mo goes off on a couple of random subjects. "Off That Yak" gets revisited with clearer eyes. Whats the most expensive gift you've received while in a relationship? Whats the most expensive gift you've received? Does the price tag of the ring actually matter ladies? Welcome To The Penthouse. Penthouse Platitudes Episode 42 


April 6th, 2018    

…That Little Podcast

#Kliq The band is back together for a much overdue session. Pab, Mo, and Taron are accompanied by a very special guest, Taron's ex-girlfriend/soulmate, Beautiful. Mo tries to apply pressure to Taron's reasoning of bringing Beautiful on which gets us to the genesis of their union. In the midst of this, EZ drops in. The discussion leads to alleged sexual abuse in a hospital, domestic violence (D-D-D-D-D-DAMN), NBA talk (Fuck Kevin Durant) and Beautiful on the campaign trail back to Taron's heart while asking some pointed questions about her Sisters-In-Arms. Welcome To The Penthouse. Penthouse Platitudes Episode 41 


March 28th, 2018    

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

We've hit the Big 4-0. Once again from The Guesthouse , Pab & The Mrs speak on Life After One Another the traits they look for in a significant other and how it may have changed over time, and they attempt to answer the age old question "What Makes You A Ho?" Welcome To The Guesthouse. Penthouse Platitudes Episode 40 aka The Guesthouse Vol. 4 Laughter Is The Best Medicine.


March 20th, 2018    

I Can’t…You’re Like My Brother

Pab and the Mrs. return with the latest from the Guesthouse, I Can't...You're Like My Brother. The two delve into the pitfalls, awkwardness, and hardships that comes with men and women being "JUST FRIENDS". Is it unnatural? Is it even possible? Can you be friends after a relationship fails? These and other questions on the latest installment of Penthouse Platitudes. Welcome to the Guesthouse. Penthouse Platitudes Episode 39 aka The Guesthouse Vol.3


March 16th, 2018    

Live From Pitman Ave.

Penthouse Platitudes Episode 38 Mo and his guest Pitman discuss life progression, financial literacy, sobriety, and sneakers. Welcome to the Penthouse.


March 9th, 2018    

Off That Yak

Penthouse Platitudes Episode 37 Mo and Taron decide to make a drop while both are extremely intoxicated. Both ramble on and on until Taron gives up the ghost to Mary. What is your favorite scented candle? Welcome To The Penthouse.


March 2nd, 2018    

The Messy Hour Of Power

Penthouse Platitudes Episode 36 Maurice and Taron have another woman as their guest. Once again Maurice and his consisent insecurities with women are addressed as their guest Chanel gets a bit messy. Taron is the new Captain America. Welcome To The Penthouse.


February 23rd, 2018    

The Episode About Nothing

Penthouse Platudes Episode 35 Mo and Taron welcome their guest Aaminah the three discuss classic  Black movies from Belly to Higher Learning. Welcome To The Penthouse.


February 21st, 2018    

The Raw

Penthouse Platitudes Episode 34 Pab, Mo, and Taron are back together again. This time, they welcome their guest Bud and discuss High School, Parenting, Black Panther, life and extreme doses of fuckery. This and a ton of other talking points on the latest episode of Penthouse Platitudes. Welcome To The Penthouse.


February 16th, 2018    

Cookin Like A Bitch

Penthouse Platitudes Epsiode 33 Mo and his good friend Dolla discuss childhood, being a Black chef, and the state of New York City and its youth. Migos Culture V. Culture 2. WWE and The Royal Rumble. Welcome To The Penthouse.


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